In Private

This blog and the entire site are now only accessible using HTTPS.


The reasons why I did this are fairly simple:

  • I read this.
  • And, I completely, 100% agree.


I got my SSL certificate from StartSSL for free. They verified that my site is really run by me in a matter of minutes. I moved my site from NearlyFreeSpeech (nothing against them, as they were nothing but fantastic during the many years my blog was hosted there) to my VPS. This gave me full control over things and allowed me to configure Apache to use SSL.

If you try to go to or or you will be redirected to the same URL with the scheme changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

Privacy by Default

This has nothing to do with secrecy. It’s about your right to browse content on the Internet in private without anyone else listening in. If you host a website, I urge you to consider making it private by default.