Freeze Dance - Entertain Your Kids, Hands-free

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Freeze Dance for iOS

Freeze Dance is a simple app for a super, fun game.

Open the app, press play, and that’s all there is to it. Freeze Dance will begin playing music from your queue in Apple Music. Dance until the music stops. Then, freeze and hold your position until the music plays again. Great game to play with kids and adults of all ages.

This app was born out of my desire to reduce the small cognitive load required to pause and unpause music while playing this game with my toddler. I know, first world problems, right? But, let’s face it. Every little bit helps when raising a toddler. I found it annoying to have to find the pause/play button every time I wanted to toggle the music playback. It was distracting me to having fun with with my daugher. This app really helps. She loves watching the timer countdown, and even has a blast saying the numbers while she’s dancing.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Apple Music
  • Game stops when app is in the background
  • Use Apple Music app to update the play queue
  • Light & Dark mode compatible
  • Randomizes dance and freeze duration
  • Large, clear countdown timer
  • Keeps screen on so timer is always visible


  • Movement helps develop muscles, coordination, and keep joints flexible.
  • Being able to listen and process sounds while tuning out background noise helps children strengthen their ability to receive, organize and interpret auditory input.
  • The ability to hold a position (static balance) and the ability to maintain balance when moving (dynamic balance) are necessary life skills for everyday activities


The best part is it's free! Download it from the App Store today. It'll be ad-free for a limited time. Download on the App Store